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Transit Hub Rain Garden

    Main Street, Asbury Park NJ

    The Asbury Park Rain Garden on Main Street was one of the first major “greening” projects the APESTC took on, in 2010, created with the combined efforts of the DPW, the APESTC greening volunteers and local neighbors. Simply defined, a rain garden is a depressed area where rainwater collects, planted with native plants and shrubs whose roots filter out pollutants. Its greatest environmental impact is that it purifies 3/4 million gallons of polluted water each year. After many flourishing years, we noticed that silt had built up in the garden to the point where key drainage pipes and runnoff filters had become blocked. In 2021 the APESTC began a revitalization project, clearing the way for rainwater to filter through our rescued and newly planted native perennials. Aesthetically it provides a natural space to sit, read, walk, meditate, pray or just be surrounded among the indigenous flowers that attract birds and butterflies. Funds for the Rain Garden were provided by a generous grant from the Deal Lake Commission.

    ESTC Gardens

    Main Street & Springwood Ave, Asbury Park, Monmouth County, New Jersey, 07712