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Asbury Park Environmental Shade Tree Commission

Currently we create and maintain 27 gardens throughout the city.

The Friends of Asbury Park Environmental Shade Tree Commission (APESTC) is a non-profit volunteer group with tax deductible status. While the Environmental Shade Tree Commission (ESTC) is a funded and appointed city commission, the cost of creating and maintaining our gardens goes far beyond the resources provided in our city budget. Donations to this non-profit go towards buying the plants, soil, mulch, compost and tools we need to keep these gardens looking their best all year round. All labor involved in planting and maintaining these gardens comes from a group of dedicated volunteers who gather twice a week (or more!) to plant, weed, prune and mulch.

The ESTC Gardens of Asbury Park

  • AP Rose Garden (Lake Avenue & Emory Street)
  • Atkins Street Art Park (Atkins Street)
  • Children’s Garden (Lake Avenue)
  • City Hall Garden (1 Municipal Plaza- surrounding City Hall)
  • Diversity Garden (City Hall, Main Street)
  • Coastal Garden “Art’s Dune” (Boardwalk south of the Casino)
  • Community Farm (behind City Hall on Bangs Avenue)
  • Daffodil Garden (Sunset Avenue & Bridge Street)
  • Emory Street Bridge Garden (Owen’s Garden) (5th Avenue and Emory Street)
  • Garden of Tears and Hope (Butterfly Garden) (5th Avenue)
  • Gratitude Garden (dedicated to first responders during the Covid crisis) (Bangs Avenue entrance to City Hall)
  • Kite Garden (Lake Avenue)
  • Library Garden (Grand Street – AP Public Library)
  • Locust and 5th Ave Rain Garden (Bridge Street)
  • Merchants’ Park (Cookman Avenue & Main Street)
  • Symphony Garden (Lake Avenue)
  • Pivinski Park (Civil War Memorial Garden) (Grand Avenue & Cookman Avenue)
  • Pollinator Garden (Lake Avenue & Heck Avenue)
  • Press Plaza (Cookman Avenue & Emory Street)
  • Pulse Nightclub Memorial Trees (Library Square Park)
  • Rainbow Bridge Garden (Lake Avenue inside Kennedy Park)
  • Remember Me Memorial Trees (Sunset Lake, Deal Lake and throughout the city)
  • Rotary Garden (Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the AP Rotary Club) (5th Avenue)
  • Seagull Garden (Lake Avenue)
  • Transit Hub Rain Garden (Main Street)
  • Trolley Triangle (Eighth Avenue & Emory Street)