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Merchants’ Park

    Cookman Avenue and Main Street

    In 2015, a group of local merchants, many of whom maintain businesses on Cookman Avenue, joined forces, raised money, and engaged the APESTC to establsh a garden in a neglected green space at the corner of Cookman and Main Street. In a very short time, the trees, grasses, and flowering shrubs have transformed this overlooked lot into a kaleidoscope of color, fragrance and texture. It’s a wonderful spot to pause and relax before embarking on your next Asbury adventure. ESTC volunteer Ed Lacombe photographs this garden each week

    January 1, 2024
    February 1, 2024
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    April 16, 2024
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    ESTC Gardens

    Below Lake Avenue and Heck Ave, Asbury Park, Monmouth County, New Jersey, 07712